http://An antique closer than chor bazzar

I had to pick up tiles from kalbadevi almost near chor bazzar . Selecting something new is always fun especially when your views matter . I was so excited to select design’s . Since chor bazaar was just a lane away we decided to go there . I had a total different image about the people here let me describe them yellow teeth, loose tees ,ripped jeans typically what we would assume after listening to the name . But trust me it was the the opposite you could see decent middle aged or even older men most of them bargaining, some of them making new pieces to sell and labelling them as antiques, some of them mending the antiques or touching them up. That place has a lot to say . It definitely makes you wonder where each piece has come from not all of them maybe antiques .You might be fooled as well but still you don’t tend to look at it in that way ,in the first place especially looking at how old dusty and rusted they are maybe at times there are things that no one needs or no one found it attractive enough so they get them here and some how that object becomes antique . Why do people have that craze i feel it’s pure selfish just cause on one has it you feel the need to have it as its something very authentic . Well if people brought antiques with pure minds and they value them the what about our older members of society though they are antiques we do not value them enough they too have a crazy history, lots of stories ,experiences personally I feel chor bazzar has everything for everyone food, techy stuff ,mechanical stuff and the good old antiques and these antiques always come with a story and research to do .
But are these antiques more valuable than self talking antiques.